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ALL SCHOOLS / HVAC Inventory Main High School Picture EMS Screen Shots Filters Replacement
Arrowhead School       Sep-18
Arrow Springs       Jul_18
Aspen Creek ECC       Sept_18
Aspen Creek Elem       Sept_18
BA Senior High   Jun-18
Centennial School       Sep-17
Central On Main       Oct_17
Childers School       Dec-17
Country Lane Intermediate       Sept_17
Country Lane Primary       Sept_17
Creekwood ECC       Aug_18
Creekwood Elem       Sept_18
Haskell School       Sept_18
Highland Park       Jul_18
Indian Springs       ???
Kirkland Soccer Field       May_18
Leisure Park       Jul_18
Liberty School       Oct_18
Lynn Wood       Apr_18
North Intermediate        
Oak Crest       Apr_18
Oliver School       Mar_18
Oneta Ridge       Jan_18
       PAC       N/A
Park Lane       Jul_18
Plant Operations       Jul_18
Rhoades School       Mar_18
Sequoyah       Aug_17
South Intermediate       Apr_18
Spring Creek       Mar_18
Timber Ridge     New NEW
Transportation/Maintenance       Jul_18
Vandever       Sept_18
West Wood       Jul_18
Wolf Creek        Aug_18